Investment Planning Approach

Our investment management is guided by a disciplined approach

Our team is committed to engaging high-quality global asset managers from all over the world and making them available to our clients, so they can confidently pursue their goals and secure their financial well being. Each manager is selected and monitored through a rigorous selection process.

Long-standing partnerships provide superior risk-adjusted returns

  • Access to some of the best ideas and the brightest talents from around the world
  • Take advantage of niche solutions to complement investment programs
  • Select the asset managers most likely to succeed
  • Identify and deal with performance factors early on



Our global asset manager selection process produces a high level of diversification

We select skilled global asset managers with varied processes, each in their own area of expertise, to deliver diversification and exposure to a wealth of opportunities.

To ensure you have the best investment management available to you, we have ongoing due diligence and proactive monitoring in place

  • Ongoing Global Market Assessment
  • Monthly Sub-Advisor Analysis
  • Quarterly Compliance Audit
  • Quarterly Performance Review
  • Annual Assessment and Site Visit



We offer a wide range of brokerage investment products*

We offer a range of brokerage investment products in both Canadian and U.S. currencies, for maximum flexibility in your financial plan.

  • Stocks – common and preferred (listed on major North American stock exchanges)
  • Guaranteed investment certificates (GICs)
  • Strip bonds (corporate and government)
  • Bankers’ acceptance and commercial paper
  • Bonds and debentures (federal, provincial and corporate)
  • Government of Canada treasury bills
  • U.S. denominated bonds and treasury bills

*offered through Investors Group Securities Inc.