Intergenerational Wealth Planning

Nearly $1 trillion will pass from one generation to the next*

More factors today threaten to consume the legacies created for future generations than ever before. Increased longevity, rising living costs; along with a multitude of growing obligations threaten the financial future of many.

Your financial well-being was made possible through your efforts and diligence. The same focus and attention needs to be invested into the planning of the transition of your wealth.

*Source: Research conducted by Strategic Insights and IPC Private Wealth

The transfer of wealth between generations starts with a conversation

Let us help facilitate the discussions that need to happen. We recognize and understand that family conversations about financial planning can often be emotional and how vitally important they are to help enhance financial well-being of your family and loved ones.

Speak with us to create a customized tax-efficient strategy to transfer your wealth and address topics like:

  • Inheritance
  • Taking care of loved ones
  • Legacy
  • Wills & Wishes
  • Business Succession/Transition Planning