Charitable Giving

A carefully constructed giving plan can maximize benefits

Charitable giving and supporting causes you care about is an important part of a comprehensive Private Wealth Management strategy. Benke & Associates will help guide you through the customization of a charitable giving plan to most effectively share your wealth.

Consider which causes are important to you and how best to support them

Our team can assist you with your giving options, such as utilizing a donor-advised fund which can provide many of the benefits of a private foundation without the upfront costs and administration responsibilities.

We can help you develop a long-term strategic approach to charitable giving to build your lasting legacy and foster multi-generational philanthropy.

Strategize the timing and source of your giving

We can assess your unique circumstances to identify opportunities and enhance tax efficiency. There is significant flexibility in selecting what to donate. If you hold publicly traded securities; such as stocks, bonds, or mutual funds, and choose to gift these investments then additional tax savings can be realized.  We will review potential strategies to ensure both you and your chosen charity benefit to the fullest from your gift.